About Us

Based in Morzine, part of the Portes du Soleil ski and bike area, the ridge recovery room brings a well equipped sports recovery package to the comfort of your holiday accommodation or home.

Recovery is essential in any sporting activity of any level and aside from enhancing your performance it allows your body to reduce fatigue levels, prevent injury and improve your overall well-being enabling you to get back to your chosen mountain activity feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.   

Aside from hands on massage by a qualified therapist, the ridge recovery room offers a large range of high tech equipment aimed at boosting your recovery to help you make the most of your time in this beautiful valley.

Alternatively you can come and visit our treatment space nestled in the heart of the Prodain valley with breathtaking views of the Hauts Fort Ridge line at the foot of the Avoriaz telecabine.

Meet the Ridge Recovery Room Therapists below, both are passionate about what they do and want to help you recover and recharge in the best way possible!

Our Therapists

Jude Humphries Ridge Recovery Room

Jude Humphries

Jude is infectiously inspirational. People who know Jude are in awe of her drive and passion to physically perform at the highest level possible.

Following an exceptional military career as a British Army Physical Training Corps Instructor & Outdoor Activities Coach, Jude now complements her physical training knowledge with nutritional therapy.

She excels in motivating people to push themselves further and perform to their ultimate best as a competitive athlete or sports enthusiast.

In a short time, Jude can help you achieve feats that you never thought possible.

Laurie Jackson Ridge Recovery Room

Laurie Jackson

This Is Laurie. She has been based in Morzine for the last 13 years and is a lover of all things summer and winter. A ski instructor in the winter months and enjoying swimming and road cycling during the summer.

Laurie works with the incredible Little Wild space in their treatment room all year round and has teamed up with The Ridge Recovery Room to bring those massage skills into the recovery packages.

A firm believer of ensuring you take time out for yourself, Laurie believes preparation and recovery is essential to help make the most out of your body. Following a rigorous recovery and preparation session Laurie completed the Étape du Tour last summer. A stage of the Tour de France covering 154km and 4100m of elevation gain travelling from Annemasse to Morzine.

From spending hours on the bike preparing for the étape or skiing hard in the winter preparing for her skiing exams and training hard growing up for swimming competitions Laurie knows how much the body can be pushed but believes that recovery is an essential part of any successful athlete.

“The body is a magnificent tool, and can be worked far harder than what our mind allows us but without looking after both the body and mind and taking time out to rest and recover it would be very difficult to achieve optimum performance”</p>

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Accelerate your recovery. Enhance your performance